Vol 58, No 5 (2022)


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5860/ltr.58n5

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Library Technology Reports vol. 58, no. 5 (July 2022), “Designing Information Literacy Tutorials: Tips, Techniques, and Trends,” by Yvonne Mery

Even before the pandemic, many librarians were teaching online via video or interactive tutorials. But how do we know if our tutorials are any good? This issue of Library Technology Reports (vol. 58, no. 5), “Designing Information Literacy Tutorials: Tips, Techniques, and Trends,” explores how librarians can create engaging and effective tutorials that are aligned with how this generation of students learns. The report starts with how to design better tutorials by using newer, agile instructional design models and implementing adult learning theories. The next chapter takes a deep dive into one trending and successful approach: microlearning. Chapter 3 discusses accessibility and universal design. Next, we take a look at getting feedback from our users, and we wrap up with a look at some helpful e-learning tools librarians need to create better tutorials.

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Yvonne Mery
Yvonne Mery
Yvonne Mery
Yvonne Mery
Yvonne Mery