Vol 53, No 4 (2017)


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5860/ltr.53n4

Applying Quantitative Methods to E-book Collections, by Melissa J. Goertzen

Collection development activities that involve electronic content require knowledge of quantitative research methods. The ability to calculate cost per use, identify usage trends, and provide evidence for collection development decisions are essential skills in the digital age. Because of the dynamic nature of electronic resources, particularly e-books, it has been challenging to create standardized methods that support routine evaluations of collection materials. While the term quantitative analysis can seem daunting, I hope this issue of Library Technology Reports (vol. 53, no. 4), “Applying Quantitative Methods to E-book Collections,” demonstrates that it is possible to hone quantitative skill sets and develop an evaluation framework for e-book collections based around readily available quantitative data sources regardless of the size of an individual library system or equipment budget.

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Melissa J. Goertzen
Melissa J. Goertzen
Melissa J. Goertzen
Melissa J. Goertzen
Melissa J. Goertzen
Melissa J. Goertzen