Vol 53, No 3 (2017)


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5860/ltr.53n3

Information Visualization, by Hsuanwei Michelle Chen

Information visualization has been widely adopted as both an analytical tool and an aid to enhance and shape data interpretation and knowledge discovery in disciplines ranging from computer science to humanities. On the other hand, relatively less has been discussed, applied, or even understood in terms of its role in a library setting. This issue of Library Technology Reports (vol. 53, no. 3), “Information Visualization,” will share a comprehensive introductory piece focused on presenting a wide range of aspects of information visualization, including its definitions, major principles, and common techniques. Author Hsuanwei Michelle Chen will also provide an in-depth discussion and demonstration of how information visualization can be applied to a library setting. The objective of this issue of Library Technology Reports is to provide librarians and library staff with a better grasp of what information visualization can do for their institution. This includes pertinent information on how data analytics, communication, service quality, and work effectiveness can potentially be enhanced by using information visualization. The report also appeals to readers who are new to the field and would like to learn a new method of data analytics, as well as to the individual who is experienced in information visualization and is seeking further opportunities in the library field.

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Hsuanwei Michelle Chen
Hsuanwei Michelle Chen
Hsuanwei Michelle Chen
Hsuanwei Michelle Chen
Hsuanwei Michelle Chen
Hsuanwei Michelle Chen