Chapter 3: Smarter Together

Linda Salem, Brittany Cronin, Laurel Bliss


In 2011, several reference librarians at San Diego State University wrote a proposal to request iPads for a number of librarians to use to develop services. The result was collaboration between student computing, library administration, the digital technologies librarian, and reference librarians to explore the development of student services. Students’ use of mobile technologies was a major factor in the funding of iPads for librarians. Service development for student use required regular community building and collaboration within this library organization. Chapter 3 of Library Technology Reports (vol. 48, no. 8) “Rethinking Reference and Instruction with Tablets” describes the technology adoption and development process that resulted in the formation of a user tablet community to foster creativity and communication among departments of a traditional library in order to create new services and programs aimed at providing better information services to university library patrons.

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