The Second Issue!

Barbara Jones

Thank you for your positive response to the first issue. We are particularly happy with your feedback on how to shape this publication as we move forward. Franklin Roberts’s thoughtful opinion piece urges discussion and collaboration on analyzing free speech issues, both theoretical and practical. If any of our readers want to grab a topic and turn it inside out with their colleagues, we would welcome it!

There are many provocative books out there right now, and are likely to be many more after this very divisive election season. In this issue are four reviews and an essay response to a fifth book, and any one of them could be the topic for an entire issue. I love that our reviewers did a deep read of each book and are fair but fearless in their reviews. I am gratified that my successor, Jamie LaRue, calls for civility in our discourse, just as Mr. Roberts does in his opinion piece. Martin Garnar’s review reflects his experience teaching library ethics and caring deeply about this subject. He is followed by Sara Dallas, who tells us how to get involved with ALA’s Committee on Professional Ethics.

I think you will especially enjoy Olivia Griffiths’ “Burning to Read,” an account of how she engaged her students in Fahrenheit 451. I never cease to be inspired by high school students, like those in her essay, and those at Lane Tech High School in Chicago who protested the attempted removal of Persepolis from the Chicago Public Schools curriculum. And, of course, look at our cover. Mary Beth Tinker was thirteen and her brother John was fifteen, when they wore those black armbands protesting the Vietnam War. I wish Mary Beth well on her Tinker Tours!


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