Pandemic Publishing: A Selected COVID-19 Bibliography

Author photo: Patricia SarlesPatricia Sarles has been an academic librarian, a medical librarian, a public librarian, and a school librarian for the past thirty years, and is now a coordinator of library services for the New York City School Library System. She maintains the Books for Donor Offspring blog, the YA Books for Donor Offspring blog, and the Books for Kids in Gay Families blog.

During a global crisis, it seems everything changes on a daily basis, and that includes publishing. With information about COVID-19 being revised just as rapidly, families have been struggling to educate their children on the virus and the pandemic. Scores of authors and publishers are leading the way, promptly publishing digital children’s books; here is a list of some of those titles (compiled as of May 7, 2020). Quality varies, since many are self-published, but all are available free online unless otherwise noted (https://nycdoe.libguides.com/COVID-19ebooks/free).

Allman, Dan and Allman, Kathryn. Stuck Inside. Illus. by Lisa Johnstone. 2020. 15p., https://www.stuckinsidebook.com

Baldwin, Andrea. Birdie and the Virus. Illus. by Anil Tortop. Australia: Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service, 2020. 15p., https://www.childrens.health.qld.gov.au/covid-19-birdie-virus

Baynton, Martin. Stay Clear, Stay Clean, Stay Kind. Pukeko Pictures, 2020. 31p., https://stayclearcleankind.com

Belgum, Holly Sedgwick. Piggy and Bunny and the Stay-At-Home Plan. Illus. by the author. Self-published, 2020. 24p., https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IFvoVFJQXi4yVE0cFOovt33_8wgfxwvF/view

Borst, Christine. What is Coronavirus? Self-published, 2020. 13p., https://www.christineborst.com

Burgerman, Jon. Everybody Worries: A Picture Book for Children Who are Worried about Coronavirus. Oxford University Press, 2020. 25p., https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/books/jon-burgerman-everybody-worries-free-ebook

Cavallo, Francesca. Dr. Li and the Crown-Wearing Virus. Illus. By Claudia Flandoli. Undercats, 2020. 11p., https://freebooks.undercats.media/corona

Daemicke, Songju Ma and Wu, Helen H. Be a Coronavirus Fighter. Yeehoo Press, 2020. 24p., https://yeehoopress.com/coronavirus-picturebook

Dalmaus. Mission: Stay Home. Illus. by the author. 2020. 11p., https://www.dalmaus.com/mision-quedarse-en-casa

Drulis, Chloe. What is the Coronavirus? 2020. 17p., https://bigideasforlittleminds.com

Forde, Mike. How Not to Go to School: Parsley Mimblewood Saves the World! Illus. by Rebecca Sampson. 2020. 17p., https://parsleymimblewood.wordpress.com/how-to-not-go-to-school-parsley-mimblewood-saves-the-world

Gaines, Arlen Grad and Polsky, Meredith Englander. Coronavirus: Clear Answers for All Kids. 2020. 40p., www.ihaveaquestionbook.com

The Galactic Guide to the Coronavirus: A Curious Guide for Courageous Kids. Italy, 2020. 23p., www.cmverona.it/guida-galattica-coronavirus

Gomez, Ana. The Story of the Oyster and the Butterfly: The Corona Virus and Me. 2020. 30p., www.anagomez.org/covid-19-resources

Gonzalez, Sebastian. The Great Doggy Holiday. 2020. 13p., https://drive.google.com/file/d/10a-nc9kTqL1r4_uUKivSOGM1tuAxrsmi/view

Gordon, Josh and Friends. P is for Pandemic. Illus. by various artists. 2020. 29p., www.pisforpandemic.com

Gratias, Melissa. Captain COVID & the 19 COVID Warriors. Illus. by Brittany Curry. 2020. https://melissagratias.com/captaincorona/

Griffiths, Matthew. The Inside Book. Illus. by the author. South Africa, 2020. 26p. , https://mattcgriffiths.com

Hale, Shannon and Hale, Dean. The Princess in Black and the Case of the Coronavirus. Illus. by LeUyen Pham. Candlewick, 2020. 8p., https://www.princessinblack.com/download/pib-coronavirus.pdf

Harris, Samantha and Scott, Devon. Why We Stay Home: Suzie Learns About Coronavirus. Illus. by Harriet Rodis. 2020. 10p., http://www.milwaukeeindependent.com/articles/stay-home-free-book-coronavirus-children-color

Horne, Kyle, Shields, Erin, and Albers, Nicole F. Careless Corny: A Cautionary Tale. Illus. by Rebecca Yeretzian-Santana. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, 2020. 40p., https://www.chla.org/careless-corny-book-kids-about-the-coronavirus

Inter-Agency Standing Committee. My Hero is You: How Kids Can Fight COVID-19! Illus. by Helen Patuck. IASC, 2020. 22p., https://interagencystandingcommittee.org/iasc-reference-group-mental-health-and-psychosocial-support-emergency-settings/my-hero-you

Ivey, Peter. Coronavirus: Get Outta Here! Illus. by Andrew Blake. Jamaica, 2020. 23p., https://s3.amazonaws.com/media.muckrack.com/portfolio/items/9204254/coronavirus_get_outta_here.pdf

Jackson, Amanda Perlyn. Virtual Hug for the World. Illus. by the author. 2020. 12p., https://virtualhugfortheworld.com

Jenner, Elizabeth, Wilson, Kate, and Roberts, Nia. Coronavirus: A Book for Children. Illus. by Axel Sheffler. Nosy Crow, 2020. 30p., https://stayhome.candlewick.com

Jones, Malia. A Kid’s Book About COVID-19.https://akidsbookabout.com/pages/covid-19

Lyons, Renée. Community Heroes: A Guide to Being Brave in the Face of the Coronavirus. Illus. by Sarah Rose Lyons. Clemson, SC: Clemson University Life Sciences Outreach Center, 2020. 21p.,www.clemson.edu/science/partner/heroes.html

Mallia, Gorg. Melanie and Karl’s Enchanted Adventure: A Story for Children Who are Home Because Their School Closed Down. Malta, 2020. 106p., www.gorgmallia.com/assets/adventure-melanie-karl.pdf

McGaw, Jamie. Even Superheroes Stay Home. Illus. by the author. 2020. 17p., www.jamiemcgaw.com/#/even-superheroes-stay-home

Molina, Manuela. Hello! My Name is Coronavirus. 2020. 12p., www.mindheart.co/descargables

Muguruza, Fernanda Rodríguez. We Will Dance Under a Star. Illus. by Eva Rami. 20p., https://mipsicologainfantil.com/obras

Ng, Freeman. The House We Sheltered In. Illus. by the author. 2020. 10p., www.authorfreeman.com/blog/sheltered

Nicholls, Sally. Staying Home. Illus. by Viviane Schwarz. UK: Andersen Press, 2020. 17p., http://sallynicholls.com/staying-home

Polsky, Meredith. My School is Still Closed. 2020. 17p., www.meredithpolsky.com/picture-stories

Purvis, Taylor. Jasper and Tabitha Play a Trick on the Coronas. Illus. by the author. 2020. 37p., https://playatrickonthecoronas.weebly.com

Rabb, Ben. The Spooky Shallow Cough. Illus. by Brittany Cyk. 2020. 12p., www.spookyshallowcough.com

Rim, Nicole. King COVID and the Kids Who Cared. 2020. 36p.,


Rosado, Javier and Fernandez, Tatiana. The Germ That Wears a Crown: A Story About the Coronavirus. Illus. by Jodi Slade. Florida State University Center for Child Stress & Health, 2020. 18p., http://fsustress.org/ebook.html

Ross, Michael. I Love You: Helping Children Fight COVID-19. Illus. By Bruno Iradukunda. NABU, 2020. 21p., www.nabu.org/covid19

Samatte, Sandra. Nuttah & Kitchi. Illus. By Julian Grafenauer. Canada, 2020. 15p., www.flipsnack.com/4canoessample/nuttah-kitchi.html

The Sisters Avendaño. The Big Alone: A Book for Kids Everywhere in the Age of Social Distancing. 2020. 48p., www.thebigalone.com

Stryker, Lacy and Stryker, Ace. Has Anyone Seen Normal: A Coronavirus Tale. 2020. 25p., https://stryker.fm/normal

Tedder, Charity. A Message from Corona. Illus. by Leighton Noyes. London, 2020. 18p., https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FevOhksly48LpU06slikMd1C0wArYyrF/view

Various contributors. Tomorrow: A Children’s Book about COVID-19. Illus. by various artists. 2020. 11p., https://drive.google.com/file/d/1H5ysOzOUDU5N5_K3SAobKZXYe2BpOlIa/view

Watts, Annis. Piperpotamus Learns about Coronavirus. 2020. 11p., www.exeter.ac.uk/media/universityofexeter/medicalschool/documents/Piperpotamus_learns_about_Coronavirus.pdf

Watts, Molly. Dave the Dog is Worried about Coronavirus: A Nurse Dotty Book. Illus. by the author. 2020. 28p., https://nursedottybooks.com/dave-the-dog-is-worried-about-coronavirus-2/

Williams, Athol. Okay and the Virus. Illus. By Taryn Lock. South Africa, 2020. 25p., www.theartpressbooks.com/product-page/oaky-and-the-virus

Yen, Shu-Chen Jenny. Something Strange Happened in My City: A Social Story About the Coronavirus Pandemic for Children. Illus. by Glopo JCCreation and Art Center. California State University, 2020. 35p., https://socialstorycenter.com/english/

Yumi. Rainbows in Windows: A Book About Big Imaginations, Big Feelings, and Sheltering in Place During a Pandemic. Illus. by Karo Oh. 2020. 19 p., https://helloyumi.com/coronavirus-children-book

Zielonka, Polly. What is Coronavirus?: A Simple Explanation for Young Children. Illus. by Meghan Furey. 2020. 10p., https://pollyzielonka.wordpress.com/what-is-coronavirus &


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