Things to Do If You Are Spring: A Poem

Former teacher Laura Purdie Salas believes reading small picture books and poems can have a huge impact on your life. She has written more than 130 books for children.

Rouse all trees from winter dreams.
Kiss icicles and snow families goodbye ’til next year.
Race rivers downstream.
Whisper, “Wake up!” to seeds buried deep underground.
Throw a big tantrum. Make it stormy and loud!
Throw birthday parties for kits and chicks and cubs.
Dance with kites in the clouds and wear lilac perfume.
Croon with a chorus of robins and frogs.
Tell stories of sunshine and the summer to come.
Fill the world with light, and new life, and love!

Download and print a free poster of this poem at https://wp.me/P6Bicx-6TT. © Laura Purdie Salas, all rights reserved.


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