Vol 21, No 8 (2001)

RFID technology may see a breakthrough

Startup Pursues Network Access Via Power Lines

Appeals Court Ruling Looms over Windows XP

EOS Sold by Dawson Holdings

Insignia Enters U.S. Market

Innovative Signs 33 in First Six Months of 2001

Oracle Abandons New Pricing Policy

Endeavor Announces LinkFinderPlus

CASPR Releases LibraryCom Version 3.2

Amigos Launches Distance Learning Program

Geac Announces Fourth Quarter and Year-End Losses

Gaylord Includes MSNBC Updates on Polaris

Congress Sympathetic to Nicholson Baker?

TLC Celebrates 400th Installation

SIRSI's iBistro Sales Top 100

IBM Crams 9.2 Million Pixels Onto 22-inch LCD Screen

Auto-Graphics Pushes Maxcess ASP Service

Microsoft Responds to Higher Court Findings

Lexis-Nexis Broadens Content

HP Plans Exit from PA-RISC Technology

Fiber and the Future of Copper

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