Vol 22, No 7 (2002)

Two-thirds of adults now online

epixtech Announces Horizon Sunrise 7.2

Migrating from Windows 98 to XP? Proceed with Caution

Innovative Portal Purchased by 26 Libraries

Syndetic Solutions Announces 10 New Customers

Google Answers Won't Answer

Flat-Panel LCD Monitors Move into the Mainstream

Bluetooth's Future Uncertain

Bibliotheca Inc. Incorporated

Softlink Brings Liberty3 to the States

DB/Text for Libraries Still Available

RLG and OCLC Issue Report on Digital Repositories

OCLC FirstSearch Adds PsycARTICLES, Digitizes Newspapers

Sun Adds Yahoo! Content to Portal

Record Data-Transfer Rate Achieved

Troubleshooting Wireless LANs

Microsoft and States Await Judge's Decision

Verizon Offers Unlimited Wireless Net Access

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