The Handbook for Storytellers. By Judy Freeman and Caroline Feller Bauer. Chicago: ALA, 2015. 394 p. Paper $65 (ISBN: 978-0-8389-1100-6).

This is an updated and expanded edition of a popular, professional classic with a new co-author. A great storyteller, former school librarian, and now library school adjunct professor, Judy Freeman is a worthy successor to the groundbreaking Caroline Feller Bauer, who died in 2013. Described as a companion volume to The Handbook for Storytime Programs (forthcoming from ALA in 2015), this is a true handbook covering the entire process, from story selection to program promotion to taking care of one’s voice. The authors also provide advice on using technology in story programs. Like earlier editions, this book includes a wealth of material in its annotated bibliographies, which are organized by genre (folktales, trickster tales, myths, fables, etc.) and provide illustrative sample stories and ideas for props and activities that engage children of all ages during story programs.

Print materials have been updated from earlier editions, with copyright dates of recommended titles running through 2013. An effort was made to include older titles that are still available either from libraries or through sources like Project Gutenberg. Numerous up-to-date online resources are included with every list of books, and the authors also provide links to related organizations, equipment suppliers, and so forth. Subject, author, and title indexes add to the value of this professional reference resource.

There is no denying Ms. Freeman’s encyclopedic knowledge of her subject. Bound to be useful to any beginning or practicing storyteller, this book is a recommended for the professional collection of any school, public, or academic library. This reviewer found only one error found in the text: On page 19, the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee, is said to be held by the National Storytelling Network. Currently, this festival is produced by the International Storytelling Center. The website for the festival in the text is correct.—Valerie Kimble, Librarian/Selector, Pioneer Library System, Norman, Oklahoma


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