Chapter 3. A Guide to Some of the Best Podcasts

Nicole Hennig


Chapter 3 of Library Technology Reports (vol. 53, no. 2), “Podcast Literacy: Educational, Accessible, and Diverse Podcasts for Library Users”

Is a guide to recommended podcasts in different categories. It begins with a list of well-known podcasts for general audiences. It then covers podcasts for higher education, for teens, and for children. The section on diversity includes podcasts

•   produced or hosted by women

•   on racial and ethnic diversity

•   by African Americans

•   by Asian Americans

•   by Latinos

•   by Native Americans

•   by LGBTQ people

•   on aging and ageism

•   on children’s rights

•   on homelessness, poverty, and economic class

•   about or by people who are (or were) incarcerated

•   on adult literacy

•   on neurodiversity and mental health issues

•   by people with physical disabilities

It concludes with a list of podcasts by librarians.

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