Chapter 4. Gamification in Education and Libraries

Bohyun Kim


Game-based learning and serious games had been a topic of much discussion and many studies in education before gamification became popular. Recently, gamification has begun to be utilized as a new learning strategy due to its ability to capture people’s attention, to engage them in a target activity, and even to influence their behavior. Chapter 4 of Library Technology Reports (vol. 51, no. 2), “Understanding Gamification,” focuses on the examples of the gamification of learning used in businesses and workplaces, education, and libraries and discusses what each gamification does, how it works, and how successful it is. Libraries have been particularly active in introducing gamification into multiple service areas to increase their engagement with library users. This chapter reviews the examples of gamified library summer reading programs, gamified library experience, gamified library instruction, gamified library orientation, and a full-fledged library gamification mobile app.

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