Chapter 4: Implementations of ORE

Michael Witt


What are people doing with ORE in the real world? In this chapter we will explore eight different implementations of ORE that may be of interest to librarians. The Texas Digital Library created an implementation of ORE as a component of its digital library of electronic dissertations and theses. Microsoft External Research recently introduced the Zentity institutional repository and a plug-in for Word that generates Resource Maps. At Johns Hopkins University, librarians are participating in e-Science initiatives with the U. S. National Virtual Observatory to help astronomers manage massive data sets. In Australia, the LORE tool was created as an extension to the Mozilla Firefox web browser to enable literary scholars to encapsulate their digital resources and bibliographic metadata as ORE aggregations. Lastly, we speak with Patrick Hochstenbach about his thoughts on ORE and the Biblio institutional repository and academic bibliography at Ghent University in Belgium.

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