Chapter 3: The Present and Future of the Library Mobile Experience

Bohyun Kim


Chapter 3 of
Library Technology Reports
(vol. 49, no. 6) “The Library Mobile Experience: Practices and User Expectations” takes a look at how the first generation of mobile library websites have changed over the last few years and discusses what mobile experience library patrons want. Several studies and surveys indicate that in spite of the small size of the smartphone screen, library patrons are willing to use mobile library websites for research. More sophisticated features—such as menu customization and personalization, study room reservation, text-message alerts for borrowed library items that are close to the due date, and live chat on the mobile device—appear to be in demand also. In order to provide a satisfactory mobile experience, libraries need to pay more attention to how they can meet the needs of library patrons creatively and efficiently when the patrons are in the mobile mindset of micro-tasking, being bored, or being local.

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