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Howdy everyone,

This is my last issue as lead editor of DttP. I am turning over the lead editorship to Jennifer Castle. Jennifer and I have been working together on the last couple of issues and I know she is going to be a great editor and I look forward to reading her issues. I have really enjoyed serving as editor and working with this fantastic community.

I could not have done this alone, and I would once again like to thank the columnists, editors and reviewers who helped me manage the journal, and to all the authors who submitted manuscripts as well as the library school faculty who submit student papers. I also would like to thank Tim Clifford who makes DttP look fantastic year after year. Final shoutouts go to the Chairs of GODORT and members of GODORT’s Publication committee during my tenure as lead editor.

In this last editorial I would like to celebrate some of DttP’s accomplishments. I acquired statistics for the top twenty article views of all time. Now this count is since DttP moved online, but I am still impressed with the numbers. It is also interesting that a lot of these articles are from our Student Papers’ issues.

  1. Investigating a Serial Killer: The Development of the FBI’s Role Told Through Public Documents

    15873 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/6892

  2. Privately-Held Companies: Legislation, Regulation, and Limited Dissemination of Financial Information

    14159 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/7215

  3. A Citizen’s Guide to the Second Amendment

    10173 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/6890

  4. Science, Agriculture, and Nutrition: The Government Documents that Influenced a Nation’s Food and Diet

    6630 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/6072

  5. By the Numbers: Election Data

    3750 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/6383

  6. “Hidden Collections” in your Collection: World War II Depository Maps at Texas A&M University Libraries

    3274 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/6982

  7. By the Numbers: DAP: Digital Analytics Program

    3267 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/6057

  8. “The Truth is Out There”: UFO’s and Government Disclosure—A Brief Look into Exploring Recently Declassified Government Documents

    2875 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/6568

  9. Tuskegee Syphilis Study of 1932-1973 and the Rise of Bioethics as Shown Through Government Documents and Actions

    2296 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/7213

  10. Creating Grand Teton National Park: A Case Study in Honor of the National Park System’s Centennial

    1942 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/6119

  11. Ten Years of TRAIL

    1645 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/6070

  12. “Don’t Drink the Water”: The Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Incident

    1586 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/6223

  13. GovDocs to the Rescue! Debunking an Immigration Myth

    1552 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/6655

  14. Government Information and Linguistic Minorities: A Case Study of Forest Finns in Varmland, Sweden, and Hedmark, Norway

    1482 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/6487

  15. Basic Project Management for Weeding Government Documents Collections

    1282 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/6120

  16. Preservation of Federal Government Publications in Multiple Formats Proposal

    1263 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/6122

  17. Unspooling the Legacy of Submarine Cables

    1234 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/6826

  18. Military Bands and Government Documents

    1233 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/6227

  19. Understanding Controversy: Government Information on Dietary Sustainability

    1156 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/6225

  20. The Equal Rights Amendment in the Twenty-First Century: Ratification Issues and Intersectional Effects

    1155 views: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/dttp/article/view/7216

Again, it was a joy to serve as editor and I look forward to seeing you, hopefully next year in person, at ALA or DLC meetings.

Laura Sare (lsare@tamu.edu), Government Information and Data Librarian


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