Report of the GODORT Cataloging Committee Virtual Midwinter Meeting

Wednesday January 22, 2020, Andie Craley, Chair

  1. Approved the October 2, 2019, Virtual Meeting Minutes
  2. Library Services & Content Management Update (Stephen Kharfen, GPO)
    1. July 2019—Did test to use Govinfo.gov API to create preliminary MARC records for newly ingested hearings into Govinfo.
    2. LSCM approved beta period started into December—continue to grab MOD metadata from Govinfo, converted into MARC records, upload them in the OCLC online save file, and start cataloging to finish records in OCLC and export records into CGP. During beta period, continue development of process and then possibly expand it to other types of Congressional publications like reports and print documents.
    3. Continuing to work on CRS reports, up to about 3.5 thousand are cataloged. LSCM ILS Projects & Systems Unit is working with Outreach & Support on more help resources like tutorials and webinars as part of the FDLP Academy, and maybe on the CGP too.
  3. Marcive Update (Jim Noel, Marcive, Inc./CRDP)—With new fiscal year the CRDP program with Marcive & GPO added twenty additional libraries.
  4. Library of Congress Update (Dawn Rapoza, LC)
    1. BIBFRAME Update at ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia on Sunday, January 26, from 1–2 p.m. in the Nutter Theater at the Convention Center.
    2. Related to Government Document cataloging, Dawn’s section is partnering with Digital Content Management to archive the catalog and archive digital collections from various state agencies. They are currently selecting and nominating pages for another 10 states. LOC State Government Websites of the United States Archive: https://www.loc.gov/websites/?fa=partof:state+government+websites+of+the+united+states+web+archive&q.
  5. Current CC:DA liaison proposed that this position should be listed both under the “Liaisons to ALA Committees” and under the “Cataloging Committee” membership list, since the Cataloging Committee Chair appoints (and GODORT has to approve on a whole and send the appointment to ALCTS) but that the position that serves on the Cataloging Committee. Looking into this.
  6. Updates on Cataloging Toolbox LibGuides (available at https://godort.libguides.com/cataloging)
    1. Inviting volunteers for review, input and editing changes to contact Andrea Morrison as Chair of the GODORT Cataloging Toolboxes Working Group who can edit the LibGuides.
    2. Both the US Federal and International Government Toolbox LibGuides are ready to be linked to the LC Cataloger’s Desktop in place of the old GODORT Wiki toolbox tools—looking into getting this done.
    3. State Government Information Toolbox LibGuide is still under construction—in need of volunteers for content and template.
    4. Simon Healey continues accessibility testing of the LibGuides.
  7. RDA Cataloging Standard Update & CC:DA Report—RDA: Resource Description and Access
    1. Andrea Morrison will submit a summarization of the most important topics of RDA Toolkit updates and changing standards and submit to Cataloging Committee Chair Andie Craley and then put together an update for the committee to review before sending it out to GODORT Membership.
  8. Discussed ALA Annual Schedule—Cataloging Committee meeting is set for Sunday June 28, 2020, at 1–2 p.m. Central Time. Chair Andie Craley to look into setting up Zoom virtual component for this physical meeting.
  9. Discussed the OCLC Member Merge Project
    1. Andrea Morrison is a member of the OCLC Member Merge Project and can merge brief records for shipping lists (that were created in OCLC in book format for many different types of formats before waiting for GPO records to come into OCLC) back into the appropriate format record and wondered if it helps anyone for her to take the time to merge these in OCLC. Possibly to look into a PSA from OCLC to ask that libraries not create these brief records in OCLC.
    2. Stephen Kharfen of GPO mentioned GPO looked briefly into the project and he can bring it back to his colleagues for more discussion.
  10. Discussed reactions to SCOE recommendations and encourage those going to ALA Midwinter in person to advocate for the great work being doing by the committees in GODORT and attend a special session devoted to Round Tables on Sunday, January 26.
  11. Two Cataloging Committee members ending their term in 2020—Jim Noel and Simon Healey. Andie to look for potential candidates.
    1. Andie Craley to check into how Simon could remain on the Working Group as a special consultant on the great accessibility work he is doing.
  12. Will need a new CC:DA rep starting June 2020 as Andrea Morrison’s term ends (does not have to be member of Cataloging Committee)
  13. Possible additional goals in addition to the projects already under way:
    1. Brainstorm and discuss to organize a webinar on cataloging Federal Documents, on weeding SuDocs, and looking at tutorials, as stated earlier.
    2. Brainstorm a possible DttP article on cataloging trends as stated earlier.
    3. Brainstorm a possible article in American Libraries and news release to all 54,000 ALA members to promote the work being done on the Cataloging Committee Toolbox LibGuides.
    4. Brainstorm a summarization of a RDA report about changing standards with links to send out to the GODORT Membership.


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