Proposed GODORT Bylaw changes

In the accompanying document, text to be removed is indicated by strike though. Proposed new text is bolded and underlined.


To provide a clearer, more accurate definition of Task Forces, Interest Groups, and Discussion groups.

To clarify the roles and differences between Task Forces, Interest Groups, and Discussion groups.

To allow Interest Groups to have a voting member on steering.


In 2017 the option of an Interest Group was added to the bylaws. This addition was the result of members feeling that the term Task Force did not accurately describe their role and discouraged attendance as it is perceived by most people to mean a group convened to accomplish a specific task.

The language added to the bylaws is nearly identical to that of Discussion Groups which has caused some confusion.

There was a desire among some members that Task Forces be limited to groups that were tasked with a specific goal, but at that time there was no change to the language. The current language is from when a Task Force was really a standing committee, as a result that language is still very similar to the description of a Standing Committee. This can be remedied by moving the Task Forces under special committees.

As currently written, the Bylaws provide very little difference between Interest Groups and Discussion Groups. The current language of the Interest and Discussion Groups does not allow for the coordinator of either group to be on steering. This would require additional changes to the Bylaws. Adding the Interest Groups to steering will provide a key difference between the Discussion and Interest Groups and provide Interest Groups with a voice on decisions made by Steering. This leaves the Discussion Groups as a less formal option.

Sections of the bylaws that will require changes

  • Article IV. Officers, Sec.2.
  • Article V. Meetings and Quorum, Sec. 2 (c), Sec. 4 (c).
  • Article VI. Steering Committee, description, Sec. 1 (c), Sec. 1(d), Sec. 2.
  • Article VIII. Task Forces, Standing Committees, Interest Groups, Discussion Groups, and Special Committees. Title, Sec. 1, Sec. 2(b), Sec. 3, Sec. 4. Sec. 5


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