Dandelions and Orchids: Finding Picture Books to Support Youth Facing Fear and Anxiety

Robin A. Moeller, Kim E. Becnel, Tiffiny Francis, Mary Hoyle, Julie Noblitt


Pediatrician and researcher W. Thomas Boyce described children as falling into two essential camps when it comes to anxiety—they’re either dandelions or orchids. Dandelion children, like the plant, are resistant to stress and anxiety and tend to thrive in variable conditions. Orchid children are more sensitive and need additional support and specific skills to flourish in various environments.

Throughout the world, our collective society has been experiencing a state of insecurity, uncertainty, and grief, and millions of children are facing mental health challenges as a result. In this environment, even those resilient dandelion children can benefit from increasing their social and emotional literacy skills and developing coping techniques as levels of stress and anxiety continue to rise.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5860/cal.21.3.11


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