Storytime, Three Ways: From Razzle-Dazzle to Library Giants

Laura Raphael


Once upon a time, I worked in adult services at my large urban library. I thought about library storytime as most adult services librarians do—which is to say (1) not very often and (2) mostly something done to entertain wiggly kids I rarely interacted with.

I had vague notions that storytimes involved children’s librarians as circus ringmasters of sorts, singing and reading stories and doing skits with puppets. In other words, I had a one-dimensional conception of storytime, or what I’m calling Storytime Number One—a razzle-dazzle good time for children that involves songs and reading books. I also vaguely remembered seeing children’s librarians lugging puppets and craft supplies and, once, a tub of animal crackers, into the storytime room.

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