Couples Who Collaborate: Jonathon Stutzman and Heather Fox

Mary-Kate Sableski


The up-and-coming husband and wife duo of Jonathon Stutzman and Heather Fox are already making a splash in the literary world with their funny, unique picturebooks.

Heather is a graphic designer, illustrator, and “doodler.” Her first picturebook was The Elephant’s Nose (2015), a collaboration with Jonathon. The couple has worked on several other picturebooks together, including Llama Destroys the World (2019) and Don’t Feed the Coos and Butts are Everywhere, both scheduled for release in early 2020. Jonathon began his career as an award-winning filmmaker, receiving multiple accolades for his short films. He recently wrote Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug (2019), the first book in a series with illustrator Jay Fleck.

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