Sharing Our Stories: The Work of Gary D. Schmidt

Mary-Kate Sableski


Sharing a good book with a friend is one of the most fundamental experiences children need as they develop their identities as readers. In our libraries, we create spaces for children to find a great book, read it with support from others, and finally share those stories with their peers.

In my university classes, I create similar structures for my undergraduate students studying children’s literature, and I model how to share books most effectively with children. As a class, we read several middle grade novels together, discussing the stories, sharing our interpretations, and brainstorming ways to share this literature with children.

Recently, we engaged in a study of the work of Gary D. Schmidt, and it ignited an interest and a passion in my students for the power his books can hold when shared with middle grade students. Small groups completed an in-depth project on this author’s work, and three students reached out to Schmidt to see if he would complete a personal interview. He agreed, much to their delight, and they shared the completed interview in class.

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