Everyday Advocacy: Lessons from Lititz

Jenna Nemec-Loise


If you’ve never been to Lititz, Pennsylvania, you should totally go, and make haste. About ninety minutes from Philadelphia and forty minutes from Harrisburg, Lititz is a not-be-missed treasure of Lancaster (pronounced “LANG-kiss-tur”) County in the heart of Amish country.

You’ll want to stay at Lititz House Bed and Breakfast, where innkeepers John and Heidi will welcome you like family. What’s even better than relaxing in a gorgeous room and eating a delicious morning meal, you ask? Playing with John and Heidi’s beagle, Sally. (She’s a charmer—even if you don’t like dogs.)

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5860/cal.15n1.36


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