Book Review: Inquiry and Research: A Relational Approach in the Classroom

Molly Strothmann


Why do students seek information from academic libraries? More often than many librarians and other educators might hope, their goal is box-checking, finding the required number of resources of the prescribed type to fill the mandatory bibliography to get the assigned paper finished (and forgotten). Librarians risk reinforcing this mindset when we treat the research process mechanistically, as a sequence of steps to be executed: learn these tools, enter these keywords, apply these limiters, click here to save results—check these literal boxes. In Inquiry and Research: A Relational Approach in the Classroom, Reale proposes that librarians instead view their interactions with students as opportunities to encourage a “spirit of inquiry.” Begin, Reale proposes, by pausing the hunt for immediate answers in favor of helping students learn to ask interesting and worthwhile questions. Value curiosity and thoughtfulness. Seek opportunities to center students in their own learning, and help them reflect throughout the research process.

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