Book Review: The Werewolf Filmography: 300+ Movies

Michael F. Bemis


Every field of knowledge has its “bible,” or should. Werewolf movie aficionados can now claim such an authoritative publication as their own. From Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman! to Zombie Werewolves Attack!, this volume presents over 300 well-written reviews of films depicting lycanthropy. As the reader might well guess, examples of this cinematic staple are legion, so horror maven Senn established the following criteria for inclusion: there had to be a transformation appearing on screen (an actor can’t just show up in a fur suit and fake fangs fully formed—he or she must change from human to animal), the films in question have to be feature length, and they must have had a legitimate distributor. Each entry contains full particulars, including cast list, quotations from the actors and directors concerned, and tag lines from advertising campaigns and concludes with a rating between one and five stars.

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