Book Review: Graphic Novels: A Guide to Comic Books, Manga, and More, 2nd ed.

Lisa Presley


This timely single-volume guide is brimming with useful information for graphic novel enthusiasts. In 719 pages, author-librarians Michael Pawuk and David S. Serchay, curate a highly user-friendly resource. The contents of the guide are organized into nine chapters, each representing a different genre; individual titles are listed by genre, and if appropriate, subgenre. Each entry includes a description of the title as well as various symbols. First, symbols are used to specify whether the work has received an award; additional symbols indicate if the work is considered to be a core title, as well as symbols for titles that have connections to film, television, gaming, or anime. The authors also conveniently provide symbols that designate the age-appropriateness and recommended reading level of the title. Each of these features allows readers to identify disparate information in a single resource.

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