Outstanding Business Reference Sources 2017

BRASS BRASS Business Reference Sources Committee


Each year, the Business Reference Sources Committee of BRASS selects the outstanding business reference sources published since May of the previous year. This year, the committee reviewed nine entries; of these, two were designated as “Outstanding,” six as “Notable,” and one as a “Notable New Edition.” To qualify for these designations, each title must meet the conventional definition of reference: a work compiled specifically to supply information on a certain subject or group of subjects in a form that will facilitate its ease of use. The works are examined for the following: authority and reputation of the publisher, author, or editor; accuracy; appropriate bibliography; organization; comprehensiveness; value of the content; currency; unique addition; ease of use for the intended purpose; quality and accuracy of index; and quality and usefulness of graphics and illustrations. Each year, more electronic reference titles are being published. Criteria for evaluating electronic reference titles include the following: accuracy of links, search features, stability of content, and graphic design. Selected works must also be suitable for medium and large academic and public libraries.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5860/rusq.57.2.6530


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