Information Literacy and Instruction: How Can This Column Help You?

Esther Grassian, Sarah LeMire


In recent years, Reference and User Services Quarterly’s “Information Literacy and Instruction” column has covered diverse topics related to information literacy, including MOOCs, universal design, discovery layers, and, of course, assessment. This column has provided a space for librarians from all types of libraries to share how they are engaging with information literacy and instruction in their libraries, as well as to unpack the challenges they faced. As new editors, we will continue to use this space as an opportunity to explore emerging topics in information literacy.

As co-editors of “Information Literacy and Instruction,” we bring our own perspectives and experiences to RUSQ, along with some overlapping interests. To better reflect our perspectives, we will alternate editorial responsibility for pieces published in this column, although both editors will be providing feedback. Following is biographical information about each of us, as well as a lengthier description of our column interests.

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