From the Editor: Autumn Thank Yous

Barry Trott


With the coming of holidays it is always a good time to reflect thankfully on the collaborative nature of the work that makes it possible to get out a journal such as RUSQ. First off, I would like to thank the members of the RUSQ editorial board. The board members are the first readers of submissions to the journal and I appreciate their thoughtful reviews and suggestions for ways to improve articles. Without their work, the journal would not offer our readers the quality in breadth and depth of feature articles that support and move the profession forward. The board members also help guide the journal’s policies and procedures, offering thoughtful suggestions and ideas for improving both content and processes. For volume 54, the editorial board members were Jenny S. Bossaller, Heidi LM Jacobs, Kate Kosturski, Scott Seaman, Carol Singer, Nicolette Sosulski, Laurel Tarulli, David A. Tyckoson, Chiang A. Wang, and Neal Wyatt.

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