E-Book versus Print

David J. Gray, Andrea J. Copeland


Electronic books, or e-books, are a major topic of discussion for public libraries across the country. Two-thirds of public libraries report they now provide access to e-books. However, limited research exists on e-books in public libraries. This study examines e-book usage and cost in a public library by comparing the most popular electronic format to print format by title to discover if e-book and print copies of the same title circulate at similar rates. The title for title, print book and e-book comparison showed that on average the highest circulating e-books circulated at the same rate as the first print copy. A cost comparison found comparable average prices of popular book titles in both print and electronic format as well as the cost per circulation of print and e-books.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5860/rusq.51n4.334


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