Food and Travel

Barry Trott, Brad Hooper


Sometimes we can get so caught up in the minutia of our daily work that we forget the passion that brought us to the library profession, and to readers’ advisory work in particular. In this issue's column, Brad Hooper rekindles some of that passion as he looks at the connections that readers’ advisors can make between food writing and travel writing. Reader interest in narrative nonfiction continues to grow, and Hooper offers here some excellent suggestions on how librarians can support and build on that interest. He reminds us that it is okay to be passionate about books and to communicate that passion to our readers.

Brad Hooper is the adult books editor at Booklist. His most recent book is
Writing Reviews for Readers’ Advisory (
ALA Editions, 2010
His other works include
The Short-Story Readers’ Advisory, The Fiction of Ellen Gilchrist and Read On … Historical Fiction.

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