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Book Review: Fundamentals of Planning and Assessment for Libraries

Tammie Busch


Many librarians do not learn much about planning or assessment in their master’s program, but are expected to engage in both as part of their job despite feeling they do not have sufficient knowledge to do so with accuracy and precision. This is what the authors of this title found in a survey conducted of librarians for whom assessment is a significant part of their job. Fundamentals of Planning and Assessment for Librarians, part of the ALA Fundamentals Series, uses concerns of survey respondents to create a solid introduction for librarians interested in learning the basics of planning and assessment. The authors have a strong pedigree as they have collaborated and published on this topic for a decade as well as designed and co-taught a planning and assessment course for an information science master’s program. Using a constructivist approach, this title seeks to provide practical, applicable information for librarians with limited knowledge of planning and assessment, or for library and information science students wanting an overview of the topic.

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