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Book Review: Telling the Technical Services Story: Communicating Value

Laura Sill


Professional discussions about the value of library technical services have long been the subject of the library literature and conference presentations. Often not fully understood until experienced first-hand, technical services work can appear mysterious to our library and organizational colleagues, and conveying the impact of our work is even more of a challenge to explain to library patrons engaged in teaching and learning. Because of this disconnect, many technical services librarians see advocacy as part of their role. The business of technical services evolves constantly in response to changing acquisitions models, data and discovery requirements and capabilities, and technological innovations, and therefore, it is no surprise that at the heart of advocacy lies communication. Telling the Technical Services Story: Communicating Value is a compilation of interesting case studies, primarily from academic libraries, that underline the importance of communication in conveying the impact of library technical services. Editors Edwards and MacKenzie note in their introduction that technical services work has moved beyond the back room and remains a critical part of fulfilling the library’s mission. Due to the positioning of technical services, a communication strategy is often needed and sharing these practical ways to carry out this strategy is reflected by the publication of this title.

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