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Book Review: Introducing RDA: A Guide to the Basics After 3R

Jeanette Norris


Introducing RDA: A Guide to the Basics After 3R is an updated version of the earlier edition, which covered Resource Description and Access (RDA) before the RDA Restructure Redesign (3R) project. Like the earlier edition, it does not provide detailed instructions for how to create bibliographic descriptions with the standard, and it also does not provide an in-depth analysis or critique of the standards. Instead, Introducing RDA is something like a guidebook for RDA and the Toolkit. It aims to provide context for the standard and presents the vocabulary and basic concepts that will make it possible users to take advantage of the new official RDA Toolkit. It focuses on presenting the views of the RDA governing bodies and provides many useful citations. The new edition was necessary as the 3R project fundamentally changed how users interact with and navigate RDA and the Toolkit. It also redefined which types of information and instructions are found within the standard, and which are adjacent to the standard, but still available in the Toolkit.

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