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Exploration of Subject Representation and Support of Linked Data in Recently Created Library Metadata: Examination of Most Widely Held WorldCat Bibliographic Records

Vyacheslav Zavalin, Oksana L. Zavalina, Shawne D. Miksa


This paper presents results of the examination of subject representation in the most recently created library metadata records. The bibliographic records were collected from the WorldCat global database. The records were created in 2020 according to the latest version of Resource Description and Access (RDA) and MARC 21Format for Bibliographic Data. A purposive sample of the records with the widest reach—as expressed in the highest number of holdings and the highest level of editing made by multiple institutions—was selected for in-depth content analysis. The level and patterns of application were analyzed for all subject representation data elements (record fields and subfields), specifically for those that were Linked-Data-enabling. The study examined the level and patterns of application of subject controlled vocabularies. Co-occurrences between various subject representation data elements and between subject controlled vocabularies within the records were explored.


Library Metadata, Subject Representation, Linked Data, MARC 21, RDA

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