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Mary Beth Weber


I have two important pieces of news to share. The first is that my term as the Library Resources and Technical Services (LRTS) Editor ends next year. I will chair my last LRTS Editorial Board meeting at the American Library Association Annual Conference in Chicago in June 2021. A search committee will be formed and will look for the next LRTS Editor. My term officially ends in December 2021 so that there will be overlap between the new editor and me. This will enable a smooth transition between editors, and I will mentor the new editor. If you are interested in serving as the LRTS Editor, please apply. Or if you know someone who is interested, nominate that person (I was nominated). It is a rewarding experience and I have worked with many amazing people during my years as the LRTS Editor. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity. I am considering my next steps after my term has concluded.

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