Editorial: Due Process

Mary Beth Weber


I spent the last three weeks reporting for jury duty. My term of service coincided with finalizing the production of this issue of LRTS. Since the courthouse provided limited access to Wi-Fi, I did not bring my ancient laptop and was forced to take a non-technological approach to editing papers. I brought a stack of papers printed from Editorial Manager, LRTS’ online submission management system. I typically edit submissions and revisions online. After reading all the submissions, I still needed to use a computer to incorporate the reviewers’ responses and return papers to the authors. While I used a low tech approach in this particular instance, the end results are the same—a thorough reading of the paper and substantive feedback. However, it made me wonder how my predecessors functioned before Editorial Manager.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5860/lrts.60n1.2


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