Interview with Incoming GODORT Chair: Robbie Sittel, Government Information Librarian, University of North Texas

Laura Sare


Favorite Spot in Denton, Texas

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center ( I love Clear Creek because of the many natural environments it contains and how different it is from season to season. While walking the trails, I’ve seen snakes, deer, herons, all kinds of bugs in and among swamp, forest, and an upland prairie covered in wildflowers. All of this within a stone’s throw of town.

Favorite Pastime/Hobby

I like to try my hand at sewing. This year I’m attempting to sew Clarice Louisba Scott’s Shopper’s Coat (

I’ve also expanded my efforts in developing a City Home Garden ( For anyone with a not-so-green thumb and a square foot of yard, I recommend planting okra. Everyday brings a small harvest, giving one a sense of resounding success as an urban farmer; plus, grilled okra is among the best summer foods.

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