State of the Round Table

Hallie Pritchett


A funny thing happened on my way to becoming GODORT chair: after ten years as the regional Federal Depository Library coordinator at the University of Georgia, I accepted a new job outside of the government documents community. As of June 28, 2018, I am the associate dean of libraries for research and learning at North Dakota State University. Obviously, my new job was not on my radar when I agreed to run for GODORT chair-elect in 2017. And while I am no longer a depository coordinator, I am still tangentially involved with the depository community. NDSU is a shared regional with the University of North Dakota, and our regional depository coordinator—Susanne Caro, formerly of the University of Montana—reports to me. In fact, Susanne is the GODORT chair-elect, which makes North Dakota the nexus of GODORT for the next few years. Not bad for a state that, according to the Census Bureau, ranks forty-seventh in population!

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