Notice to GODORT Membership: Vote to Amend the GODORT Bylaws

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At the GODORT General Membership meeting at the 2017 ALA Conference, the membership will be asked to vote on the following proposed additions (and amendments) to the current GODORT Bylaws. These would provide for a “Bylaws and Organization Coordinator.” This new officer would supplant the current Bylaws and Organization standing Committee and perform the current functions of the Committee, as defined in the GODORT Bylaws [Article XI. Amendments] and in Chapter 13 of the GODORT Policies and Procedures Manual. The underlined text will be added to Article IV (Officers), Section 1 and Section 8 [The current Section 8, which defines the GODORT Special Officers, will be re-numbered Section 9] and to Article VII (Executive Committee). Article IX (Policies and Procedures) and Article XI (Amendments), Sections 2 and 3 will need to be harmonized, to reflect substitution in the Bylaws of “Bylaws and Organization Coordinator” for references to the Bylaws Committee and Chair of the Bylaws Committee:

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